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inProximity was designed to provide users with the ability to find localized information faster and more accurately than what is currently offered by today's search engines and native apps without having to download an app. Our database is comprised of more than 30 million records and it is updated every 2-3 weeks. And unlike most search engines and native apps, businesses in our database cannot buy a higher position in the search results. This practice is not fair to small businesses and it often causes inaccurate results.

inProximity results are based strictly upon the distance a business is located from your current location without regard to how big or small the company is. For example, if you are at a hotel and you perform a search for a restaurant, if that hotel has a restaurant in the building that restaurant will show up in the number one position. The next closest will show up in the number two spot and so on. We make sure that you receive every listing based upon proximity, not how much you paid. This is the way it should be because it better serves the end user.

In case you are wondering here's how inProximity works:

  • A inProximity display is placed in where it is accessible by the public or guests
  • On the display there are three ways to access the inProximity interface. You can access the interface via NFC, QR Code, or SMS (texting).
  • Once you access the inProximity interface you can then select restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, convenience stores, things to do, or special deals.
  • Once you make that selection you will instantly receive the results to your device based strictly upon distance from your current location.
  • You can then access the map feature and be on your way in just seconds.

Who should use inProximity

  • Anyone who is looking for a local place to eat or shop
  • Anyone who stays in a hotel
  • Anyone who works outside of the home
  • College students who live on or near campus
  • Anyone wanting accurate localized information based on proximity
  • Anyone that uses a search engine or native app to locate local restaurants, shopping or things to do

The Benefits of the inProximity Directory

Today it's all about mobile devices, customer convenience, and incremental revenue

Faster Lookup

inProximity allows users to search and find restaurants, stores and more within seconds.

More Accurate

We have more than 30 million records in our database and results are returned based strictly upon proximity.

Special Offers

Users of inProximity can select the special offers tab in the interface to receive the latest discounts and offers from local restaurants.

Revenue Generator

Restaurants and local businesses can increase traffic because inProximity will provide them with access to customers that they normally could not reach.

NFC Enabled Devices and QR Codes

According to U.S.-based ABI Research more than 270 million NFC enabled devices will be sold in 2013 taking the total of NFC enabled devices to more than half a billion. Nine out of ten of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world offer phones that have near field communications (NFC) capability. For those phones that don't have NFC users can install a QR reader if one is not already installed. All Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones support QR code readers.

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