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What is inProximity?

inProximity provides extremely detailed localized information to travelers who stay at hotels. This information is important because often as a traveler you are not familiar with the area you are staying and you often rely on hotel staff to help guide you around or you will do like most people and perform a online search with Google, Yelp or one of the others. What makes inProximity unique is that it was designed with the hotel, apartment community and rv park/campground in mind. We have painstakingly built a database with millions of records that is designed to provide you with restaurants, fastfood, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping, things to do, gas stations and transportation all within proximity to the hotel where you are staying, the apartment community you live in and the rv park/campground were you pitched your tent. And best of all NO APP IS REQUIRED!

inProximity is Redefining Local Search and Hotel Directories

One Touch Does It All!

Why Should I Use inProximity?

Here are a some reasons why you should use inProximity:

  • You are in an area that you are not very familiar with and you want to know what’s nearby. You want this information in your hand immediately.
  • Online search engines and most apps were designed to provide you with global search results and don’t do local very well.
  • inProximity provides only a listing of businesses within proximity of your hotel so that you don’t get sent on a wild goose chase.
  • inProximity is free to use and does not require the download and installation of an app. People all over the world are starting to suffer from app fatigue.
  • inProximity is faster than all online search engines and easier to use.
  • inProximity is compatible with all smartphones and smart devices that have internet connectivity.


In addition to the above reasons here’s one more. We don’t track you, we don’t ask for access to your GPS, We don’t ask for access to any of your phones resources other than your web browser. According to the New York Times the NSA has been collecting user information from smartphone apps. Not that you are doing anything wrong, but isn’t your privacy important? This is why we developed a native app, but we will offer in the near future an app for those that want one.

Click on the image below to view the inProximity video skit how we compare to others. This is a rough draft so do keep that in mind.

Click Here to Play Video

How it Works

When we designed inProximity we knew that we had to keep it simple and easy to use, but yet effective. Compatibility was one of our main goals and the product you see today is the result. If you want to use inProximity here is how you do it:

  • Visit and select from one of the following options. [FIND YOUR HOTEL], [FIND YOUR COMMUNITY] or [FIND YOUR RV PARK & CAMPGROUND].
  • When you make your selection you will be taken to a page where you will have to enter the state, city and name of the place you are going to.
  • Once you enter this information you will see a popup asking for your mobile number. Enter your mobile number here.
  • You will then receive a text message with a link to our interface specifically designed for the location you entered. You will be provided with information regarding restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, things to do and more all within proximity to the place you selected.
  • Click on the link and you will be able to find what you are looking for with a single touch. Happy local searching.


All results are returned based upon it’s proximity to your hotel. Unlike other search companies and apps we do not allow businesses to pay for a higher position in the search results. It’s all about distance. It’s all about inProximity.

inProximity also has agreements with some hotels whereas there is a inProximity display in each room. If you have a NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled phone you can just touch your phone to the display and the inProximity interface will be displayed almost instantly on your smartphone or smart device. Click on the image below to see inProximity in action!

Click Here for Video

User Feedback

inProximity has been deployed as a trial by a hotel chain. The trial has since ended and was deemed a success. But in order to really find out what people thought about inProximity guests were offered a free night stay if their testimonial was selected by the hotel. Needless to say there were a lot of submissions, but this one among others stood out to the hotel management team. Click on the image below to view the video.

Click Here to Play Video

Does it cost to use inProximity?

No. inProximity does not charge anything to use its services.

Do you sell or give away my private information to 3rd parties?

No. inProximity values your privacy. We do not collect or store any personal information other than mobile telephone number and we will not give that out to anyone unless forced to do so by a court of law after exhausting all legal remedies. We will not sell you number. We take privacy seriously.

Can I use inProximity when I’m away from the hotel?

inProximity was designed to be used at the hotel although it will still work when you are not at the hotel. The accuracy of the data returned would be compromised because the system bases its results on the location of your hotel and everything within proximity.

How does inProximity compare to other online search tools?

We are faster and more accurate than any online search engine. inProximity was designed to provide local information on businesses within proximity to the hotel and providing local information is what we do best.

Is inProximity an app?

inProximity is not an app. It is a system that generates a high performance mobile website for each hotel and is accessible via any standard mobile web browser. We did not build an app because of the issues surrounding privacy since it was publicized that governments and others use apps to gather user information and because everything is moving to the cloud.

How many hotels does inProximity service?

Today we service more than 100,000 hotels in the United States alone. We also serve thousands of bed and breakfasts as well as lodges of different types.

Is inProximity compatible with my phone?

inProximity is browser based which means that it will work on any smartphone or device that has internet access. It does not matter if you are running iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows. It will even run on smart phone operating systems that you never heard of.

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